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We will entertain you with a satisfying time with dishes that match the famous hot springs.
  • 【Our most popular / 2 meals per night】The most popular of this facility!  With a glass of horsehair crab from Maehama"Crab set』\

    Yumoto Orofure-Soh"Yumoto Orofure-Soh", which became a regular plan as it was, was very popular about 30 years ago, with a full cup of fresh horsehair crab from Maehama on a Japanese set meal, and customer satisfaction was also "Ichi". It is a great plan"push".
    "Horsehair crab" from Noboribetsu / Muroran's Maehama is proud of its sweet tomalley and tight body!
    A Japanese-style set full of various tastes for each season of "10 to 12 items" with the delicious hair as the main ingredient.
    You will surely be satisfied.

    *The production area (produced in Hokkaido) may change depending on the purchase situation from the wholesaler and the quality of the Maehama hair.
  • 【Standard / 1 night 2 meals】Please enjoy the spirit of hospitality and the seasonal flavors of the four seasons. "Orofure Zen Meal』\

    We use "seasonal taste" and "blessings of the sea and mountains" abundantly so that you can feel the four seasons of Hokkaido, and we are satisfying our repeat customers. It is a slightly luxurious Japanese set.
    We actively use local vegetables and marine products so that you can feel the "smell" of the season from the dishes.
    We cook fresh fish and crabs landed at Noboribetsu - Muroran port on the foreshore, and vegetables and rice from Date and Toya that have grown in a warm climate and fertile land with clean water and gentle seasoning.
    We have 11 to 12 basic items, so we can fully satisfy everyone from the elderly to families.
  • 【Luxury ...! /1 Night/ 2 Meals】Customer's request Special set "Shiraoi Beef Special Gozen Meal"

    ★★★Brand Shiraoi Iburi Shiraoi is proud Enjoy Japanese cuisine using "Shiraoi beef" steak and fresh fish and local ingredients★★★
    A treasure trove of food "Hokkaido, Iburi"
    A Japanese-style set that the chief chef carefully examines wonderful ingredients and wields his skills.
    In response to the request from customers who want to taste the deliciousness of Beef from Hokkaido Shiraoi Beef, we have prepared Shiraoi Beef, which is ranked at the top of the Japanese Black beef breed.
    ★This plan plan with only 3 rooms a day.
    【Dinner】A special set of 10 Shiraoi Beef"Shiraoi Beef Gozen Meal"
    【Breakfast】A set centered on Japanese food.
  • 【Recommended by customers / 2 meals per night】Recommended plan for customers and repeaters "Hanazen Meal"

    A basic plan Yumoto Orofure-Soh you can enjoy a Japanese set meal and Karurusu's famous hot springs at a reasonable price.
    We actively used local ingredients and ingredients, and made 8-9 Japanese dishes with great care of seafood and mountain products.
    Spring wild plants ...  Vegetables that have grown vigorously in autumn ...  Fresh seafood landed at Noboribetsu Port foreshore and nearby ports ...
    The menu is not fixed and changes daily depending on the purchasing situation so that you can enjoy the season.