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Karurusu Onsen

  • Time required to Orofure-Soh

    Noboribetsu Onsen:10 minutes by car(15 minutes by bus)
    Noboribetsu Station:20 minutes by car(Transfer to Noboribetsu Onsen Bus)
    From New Chitose Airport:60 minutes by car(Get off at Noboribetsu-higashi IC Hokkaido Expressway Noboribetsu-higashi IC)
    Sapporo:90 minutes by car(Get off at Noboribetsu-higashi IC Hokkaido Expressway Noboribetsu-higashi IC)
    Lake Toya:40 minutes by car

    *The time required is an estimate.The time required will vary depending on road conditions and other factors.
  • Position and terrain

    Karurusu Onsen is Shikotsu-Toya National Park, which was designated in 1949.
    It is located 7.5km northwest of Noboribetsu Onsen.

    Karurusu Onsen next to the east side of Karurusu Onsen, you will pass the Lake Toya Noboribetsu Line on Prefectural Route 2 and connect to Lake Toya via the Orofure Pass.

    In 1957, it was designated as Hokkaido's first national recreation hot spring area by the Ministry of Health and Welfare (at that time) because of its excellent medicinal properties, and the environmental conditions are located at a high altitude of 350 meters above sea level. It has an effect and is famous as one of the most famous hot springs in Japan.

History of Karurusu Onsen

  • Origin and name of Japan's famous hot spring, Noboribetsu Karurusu Onsen

    A long time ago, the area around Karurusu Karurusu Onsen was called "Penkenesei" (meaning a narrow rocky area upstream) among the Ainu people.

    In 1886 (1886), Aiki Hino, the ancestor of the owner of Orofure-Soh, discovered it when he wanted to investigate the area around this area as a planned location for Tondenhei, and his adopted child, Hisatachi Hino, in 1899 (1899). A bathhouse was built and opened at the site of our Orofure-Soh.

    The name of Karurusu is a result of analysis of the spring quality of the hot springs, to understand the hot spring Karurobi Barry and the same quality of the Czech Republic, was named Karurusu from the fact that the hot spring was called Karurusu bird in the German territory at the time.
  • Founder Hisa Hino Tachibana
  • Brochure of the Taisho era

Sightseeing around

  • 【Marine Park NIXE】
    When you see the penguins' parade up close, both adults and children naturally smile
  • 【Marine Park NIXE】
    Noboribetsu Marine Park symbol "NIXE Castle"
  • 【Oni Hanabi (demon's fireworks)】
    Hoping for the happiness of people, launching to take away the trouble
  • 【Oni Hanabi (demon's fireworks)】
    The powerful "Yukijin (hot spring fierce god)" dance and the Oni Hanabi (demon's fireworks) hand-held Oni Hanabi (demon's fireworks).
    It is worth a look!
  • 【Keifuen Park】
    Karurusu Onsen the center of Keifuen Park Karurusu Onsen, there is a Keifuen Park (park),
    There is a monument commemorating the 100th anniversary of the opening of the hot spring.
  • 【Sanlaiva Ski Resort】
    Sanlaiva Ski Resort, 5 minutes walk or 2 minutes drive from the hotel(Mid-December to late March)
    You can enjoy it from beginners.
  • 【Orofure Pass】
    In the vicinity of Orofure Pass, which is about 20 minutes by car from the hotel,
    You can enjoy hoarfrost and tree ice until the end of February.
  • 【Mt Orofure spring】
    A perennial plant of the Ranunculaceae family with beautiful pale pink flowers"Shirane Aoi"
    "Mt Orofure" is in full bloom on the entire slope.
    From the fact that bloom in the snow melted the mountain, also known as the Hibiscus Taiwanensis