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Hot Springs

Yumoto Orofure-Soh is the "total Karurusu Onsen".We use abundant hot springs with the amount of hot water at the source.
The quality of the spring is a simple hot spring, and in addition to a large bathtub, you can enjoy a bathtub where you can enjoy sleeping baths, an open-air bath, and other hot springs to low temperature.

And the hot water from the shower in the large Orofure-Soh bath of Orofureso is 100% source!  
It is the luxury of Yumoto.

One-day hot spring customers come from all over Hokkaido, not to mention the suburbs.
After taking a bath, you can take a rest in the free break room.
  • Open Air Bath

  • Large Communal Bath

  • One-day hot spring

    This facility can also use a day trip hot spring.
    Feel free to enjoy the hot Karurusu Onsen of Karurusu Onsen.
    The large hall on the 1st floor is open from 11:00 to 16:00 as a free rest area.
    Hot spring bath hours
    One-day hot springs from 12:00 to 20:00(Exit)
    Usage fee
    Adults 500 yen / Elementary school students 200 yen / Infants are free

About hot springs

Spring quality Simple hot spring
    (The amount of dissolved substances (excluding gaseous substances) in 1 kg of hot spring water is less than 1,000 mg.
     A simple hot spring has a spring temperature of 25 ° C or higher at the time of springing.)

〇This facility is the only Karurusu Onsen source in Karurusu Onsen that has its own source.
  All bathtubs are used by flowing from the source.
  Please enjoy temperature control by adding a source whose source temperature is as high as 73 ° C and which is 25 ° C or less.
  I am going.

Open Air Bath

Yes (with men and women (including time change), not available for reservation)

Number of bathtubs in the large communal bath

[Open-air bath]Man:1 woman:1 mixed bath:0
[Indoor bath]Man:5 woman:4 mixed bath:0
[sauna]Man:0 woman:0 mixed bath:0

Terms of use of the large communal bath

●This facility, which has its own source, is rare in Hokkaido as well.
  Hot Springs! ] We use 100% of the highly effective hot springs instead of the general non-hot springs!

●The public bath is closed for cleaning from 9:00 am to noon.

●Rinse-in shampoo, body soap, and solid soap are available in the large communal bath.
 Please bring your own face towel and bath towel.